21 Spiele

21 Spiele punkt de is another our brand new gaming website made at the highest quality.
Now it is time for German speaking gamers.

We are planning to create more local websites in future with game descriptions in local language.

Deux Jeux

Parlez-vous français? I hope yo do and you know that Deux Jeux means Two Games in French.

Friday, June 3rd is the official opening day of our brand new gaming website in French language, which is still official language of the world de jure.
Unofficial birthday is, of course, the date of domain registration - 2011-04-11.

What is difference between 2jeux.fr and existing fghetto.com?
First of all, we legally got .fr domain, which was not possible before April 2011.
Secondary, we have quality game descriptions made by native French game experts.
Third, it's a secret for now, so stay in touch! Update will follow!

Latvia Restart

Politics is everywhere, in newspapers, on tv, in internet and even in online games.
Today, when Latvia got a new president, we would like to remember an interesting political game, which was a secret project made by our studio - Latvia Restart.

It was a special order by one of leading political parties in Latvia last summer, just before elections. The game gives opportunity everybody to be a Latvian Premier Minister for 4 years and turn the country into progress and success by improving law, taxes and finally restart Latvia as new successful country.

For us it was the most serious project at that time. We had worked with politicians, journalists, economists, lawyers, musicians, designers and regular people in order to make game realistic and at same time enjoyable.

Finally, we did it, just one month before elections. From our point of view, the game had the great success. Almost all newspapers and online medias had positively reviewed game

Game is available in two versions:
Latvian: Latvija Restarts
Russian: Латвия Перезагрузка