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Happy New Year 2020.
Our gift to you is the new Beta version for

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I Get This Call Every Day

Breaking news from Canada gaming industry. A guy who is working for Canada Revenue Agency has been fired several days after he released a funny and almost free game I get this call every day. The game felt in attention of National Revenue Minister of Canada, which was absolutely not happy about the image game is creating about the government institution. computer screen The game is inspired by soulless job in Call Center of Tax Department, where an author used to work part-time. Hopefully the guy is happy now, because he is able and free another path of his carrier, for example Game Development. I get this call every day But be careful with officials, because now we all know that Government has no sense of humor.

Version Number Three

Hi Chaps, we have good news for you :)
New design (codename Trinidad) for our websites is on its way.
After many cleanings and improvements during the last year, it was decided to create a brand new design for our flagmanship sites and here it is, the first pilot rebranded gaming portal for Polish friends 33 Gry.

Fresh & Clean

Yesterday we have taken a minor, but very visible step in order to make our websites look lovely. Now all game's pictures are without watermark and with improved quality.
Psst, a new design for our top websites is also coming...

Franklin: Bank Alone

Flash Ghetto developers got another piece of experience in game production.
Today we have released brand new game Franklin: Bank Alone.

The game is made in old-school fashion grapgic design and mixes two gaming styles Arcade and Strategy. This combination makes Bank Alone kind of unique game.

The storyline is about a local banker who found that his place of work is being robbed by night. Instead of calling police he decided to fight robbers and protect his bank by himself.

You might be interested in some of technical facts of game production.
The overall time spent for game is 4 months (from first scratch on paper until final release)
Special thanks to all 4 people, who were invovled in the project.