5K of good users

Due our soft policy regarding to user registration , we do not have a lot of registrations.
But since few days ago we have 5000 of users.
Registred user is allowed to savepersonal favourite games, comment games and vote for them.

Olympic Games

Today 8.8.8. is the Official opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games.
As our job is related to Games, we would like to announce that the main tag for five next weeks will be Olympic Games :)

In other languages it is:
Olimpiskās Spēles
Olympic Games
Olympische Spiele
Олімпійські ігри
Олимпийские игры

Veni, vidi, vici!

Privit, Ukraine!

Did you know that Ukranian language is the third biggest Slavic language after Russian and Polish?
Today we added native language support for more than 40 millions of people.
Ігри безкоштовно is officialy open :)


You already know everything :)
Welcome Italian speakers, which are about 60 millions :)
Giochi Gratis