Hamster: around the World

Hamster around the World
We are happy to announce our new free online game: Hamster around the World, which was released just yesterday.
It took few months to design and develop this simple arcade game. In fact, we must confess that this flash game is ported from a famous mobile game - Hamster, which was available on Samsung C100 cell phone many many years ago.

The game is very simple, it is about a hamster who is exploring world, country by country, by opening photos with famous sights.
Check it yourself here.

Down Time

Down Time
Yesterday we had our main server down for about two hours, but the reaason is more than just strong enough.

We have upgraded our server and now our performance is expected to be 4 times faster!
No more slow page loading during rush hours.
Please report if any errors or unclarities occur.

Thank you.