Rate and comment anonymously

Since the last week we gave rights for everybody to comment games, despite is the visitor authorized or not.
After that the number of comments has grown rapidly.
So, we decided that everyone should have possibility to rate games as well.
The interactivity between users and website making us happy ;)

By the way, we would like to celebrate 1000th comment in our network. It was made by unregistred visitor from Latvia commenting Hentai Math Test quiz game.

High Five!

March 9 first time some game was played at our website.
May 28 (81 day), we have achieved 1st million game plays
July 16 (129 days), was the second one.
November 1 (238 days), five million times games were played at all our websites, which means almost every 4 seconds somebody starts to play game.

5000000th play was made by unregistred visitor from Russia playing Bike Mania 2 game at our Bezmaksas Speles website.