China Launched

Few days ago we launched new website in China in Mandarin Chinese Language which is native for almost 1 billion people.
We would like to devote Chinese website to 2008 Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing. And will start 8.8.8.
In site developing used new web design and slightly different layout.
Everybody is welcomed :)

Herzlich willkommen, Freunde

Today we have opened German version of our Free Online Games websites.
Since now more than 100 million native German speakers can enjoy our game collection without any language barriers.
Sehr Gut! :)

Second One

Less than 2 months passed since we celebrated first million of played games on all our websites.
Couple hours ago our users did the second one since the start in the beginning of march.
Together we have 2003342 plays for 129 days, which means almost 11 plays per minute.
Very good :)

July Updates

During the last weeks we worked hard on our webistes making deisgn and usability improvements.

Similar Games Pictures

One of the improvents is small pictures of similar games. Now the list of games are more readable and understandable :)

Translation Box

Maybe you know, our websites are in several different languages, very often we just don't have enough of time to translate new things in localized versions, so we show them in english language.
Sometimes it looks weird, so we decide make suggestion box for missing words and expressions.

We appreciate very much your suggestions and support.

New Rankings

The new Ranking System will help you to find best games in different rankings. For example Last Week Popular Games is games which played most times during the last 24 * 7 hours (1 week)
Top Rated Games is list of games ordered by Average Rate, starting with highest.
Top Favourites is games which are favourited by users most times.
Best Games are simply the best games relating to all other rankings together.
Interactive is the colelction of last actions on the website, for example Last Comments made by users and Last Rated Games.
We tried to make design simple and good for all rankings :)

Minor Changes

Also we did several minor changes in strcuture of our website.

Since now every tag category has several synonims, for example Sports Games page has sinonims Basketball, Football, Ice hockey, Soccer, which will improve our search of desired games.

As well our pages became a bit smaller in size and now they take less resources of your browser :)