BattleKnight is a browser game where players can increase their character's level, eventually progressing to the upper echelons of knighthood. At the beginning, all players start as knaves, but given time, patience, and actions, that knave will evolve into a knight worthy of protecting damsels-or causing their distress.

The game features character levels, and higher levels will allow players to purchase better equipment for their knight (or knight-in-training). Each day, knights will be able to go on missions, duel other knights, work for silver, and train their skills by spending their hard-earned silver coins.

Players can choose to walk the path of light or dark – chivalry or evil. Different paths result in different types of missions, but no side has a particular advantage.

Websites Redesign
As we had informed already in the last post about coming big redesign, now this event is not big surprise.
New design is lighter and more usable. CSS is rewritten to accelerate loading speed.
We hope that our visitors will find fresh design more comfortable.

Standardized Hindi

Flash Ghetto in Standardized Hindi
After several translation into relatively popular languages, our team decided to go for something more original like India with their 1.2 billion of people.
As soon as Standardized Hindi was chosen as the language, we started to face problems with translation. Each Indian translator was thinking that his version of Hindi is standardized ;)
Decision to not spend too much time with corrections was made shortly after we understood, that we will not find perfect translator.
So, if you know Hindi, we are looking forward for your help ;)
Please visit our site with Online Games in Hindi.

Also, Indian Game Website is the first in our Network, where we start to use a new design.
Now, it is lighter and more usable. Soon all websites will be transferred to the new concept.