VirtuaGirl Bubble Shooter

Since we've made our previous free adult game VirtuaGirl HD Pipes we came up with an idea to develop something new - more addictive, dynamic and in a higher quality.
Virtua Girl Bubble Shooter is a combination between arcade and adult classics. The are 5 five girls to play with. Each part contains 10 levels, which going through you will strip one of the following girls:

After completing 10 levels You'll be rewarded with a nice video.
Check in-game help for instructions and descriptions of Super Bubbles (Bonuses).

You can download this game and add it to your website.

Enjoy and Good luck!


Fit all the bricks together and fill each row to clear it. You must
remove all the pieces before they reach the top and clear all the
bricks from the board to beat the level.
You all recognize this fantastic game invented in 1984, the game tetris became very popular
during the release of Nintendo's Game Boy in 1989. The name Tetris
originated from the Greek word Tetra (which means square).
If you click on the following link you can play all sorts of new versions of this popular game.

Have fun!
Link: Tetris