Online scratch cards, Rubbellose – this game is more popular than ever

Scratch card have many different names they are called scratch ticket, scratch offs, scratchiest and the German equivalent is called “Rubbellose”. This little piece of cardboard contains secret information which people have to scratch off. Especially at gambling scratching cards, players do this, to see if they have won a prize. But if some places on these cards are scratch, they lose their validity; players should only scratch everything of, if they are sure, they haven’t won anything. On the normal Scratch cards it is required to make a match of three prize amounts. There exist other variations of Scratch card, some are leaned off the Blackjack and Poker, others use symbols, pictures or simply words to match. Or they use various themes like Harley Davidson, Marvel Comics and the FIFA World Cup. The normal version consisting of cardboard, which was only available on streets, supermarkets and news stands found its way to the virtual world. The first lottery game supported by a computer was developed in 1974 by the American Company “Scientific Games Corporation”. Together with the company Pollard Banknote it’s the only manufacturer of those games. Playing scratching cards online is more interesting than the usual version, because it is accompanied with sound, music and animation and a lot of entertainment. It is not necessary to got to a store to buy a scratch card, the virtual version allows playing round the clock, you only need a PC with internet connection to buy the scratch cards, and it is the most uncomplicated game in the Internet. It is possible to see immediately if you won a prize, this is the fascination of this game and invites to scratch the cards. Also in Germany and Austria, the “Rubbellose” are very popular. See the German webpage for more information.

Online Roulette - Facts and history

Online Roulette is very popular. This is hardly surprising, because it is a game which isn’t complicated at all. Even people, who don’t play that often, would prefer the Roulette Game, if they had a chance to. Players sit around a basic table, on which a wheel and a white ball are placed. Gamblers have the opportunity to wager a special number or colour, where the ball might stand still. Nothing is more interesting and exciting for people than playing Roulette. At the virtual version of this game, the Online-Roulette gamers make bets with money laid on the gambling table and hope that the ball in the wheel stops at the number, colour or combination they set their money on. It is better to play free casino games first, it will help to develop a strategy and learn the rules and trick of this game and its advantages. The European and the American Roulette differ from each other, because the American Roulette has two zeros and the European version has the numbers 1-36 and one zero. The concept of this game was developed in the 17th century by the French mathematician Blaise Pascale, who is known for his works in the field of probability calculation, when he tried to develop the perpetual motion machine. He never would have thought that his concept, out of which the Roulette game was born, would ever be this popular. The Frenchman Francois Blanc, the founder of the famous casino in Monte Carlo is supposed to be the father of the Roulette game. A legend says that he gave his immortal soul to the devil, to learn the secrets of the game. Maybe that the reason for this legend is, that all numbers on the wheel sum up to 666, which is the number of the devil. This game became known in the mid-nineties, this was the time, when the Internet began to be popular. Since this time, online Roulette game undergoes a great boom and an end of this situation is nowhere in sight. Roulette is very easy to play. The player only puts wagers on number or colour combinations on the Roulette wheel an hops that has got luck. You will find more information on this issue on a German webpage.